Current Projects

Here are some current fanfiction stories I am working on, so stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy some tidbit bites:

Chapter One Teaser:

I know you are sick.
But I’ve never said a word.
I didn’t gossip like the rest of the neighborhood.
Calling you the “Crazy Cat Lady.”
And you are.
That’s the truth, but I’d never call you that.
At least not to your face.
I’d just watch you pick the thorns from your rose bushes.
Suck the blood from your thumb.
Laugh when you hopped around quite madly.
And then you’d look up.
You could feel someone watching you.
It’s me.
But you can’t know.
So I close the blinds and scuttle back to my recliner.
And only one thought crosses my mind:
I need to stalk you from the other window.


Chapter One Teaser:

This was not meant to be pure.
It was adulterated, excruciating pleasure.
For the moment, it was his- not hers.
The grip on the flesh of her hips was a constant reminder of the hold he had on her.
He intertwined his rough hands through her hair, yanking her back. Bringing her out of her dreams. Out of a wonderland of bunnies and clouds and everything good in the world.
They were not there, in a place where morals existed. Instead, she was on her hands and knees, ready to be fucked until the awareness of her humanity was a mere blur. But she had made him livid. The sweat from his brow decanted onto her back, leaving a trail down her spine.
Drip. “You’ve given me no choice, Isabella.”
Drip. “This is your doing. Not mine.”
Drip. “Take my cock you filthy, little girl.”
He slammed into her, and with the motion, she cried out; unprepared for the invasion into her body. Twisting her fingers onto the bedsheets, she fought severely, but he wouldn’t even allow her that. Her muscles clenched as he effortlessly took her hands into his own. Behind her back. She had nothing to hold on to.
Not even herself.
Breathing heavily, her chest rose and fell to the rhythm of his thrusts. There would be no mercy tonight, no leniency on her soul. She whimpered as he plunged his overtly sized sex into her. Her senses were completely overwhelmed by the smell of perspiration and sweat.
Stop crying,” he ordered bitterly and paused his movements. The tone of his voice was not that of honey and lemon, but of callous abrasiveness. She felt her long, chestnut colored hair tumble around her shoulders as he released it to turn her face around. Despite her rapid heartbeat, she was enthralled by the sight of his dark emerald eyes.
But it was his muscular physique that held her in her place. It was his bronzed, tousled hair that kept her grounded. His jaw, sprinkled with a shadow of unshaven hair, only emphasized his lips and the luscious tongue that barked at her.
Are you done now? Staring at me with that pitiful look upon your face. You ought to be ashamed,” he berated, before driving into her again. She remained on her knees as her face was held immobile by his hands. He silently dared her to make a sound, provoking her with his glare to utter a word.
She couldn’t think of a single, comprehensive thought as he continued to drive deeper; the moisture between her legs was used as lubricant against the friction of their rubbing skin. Their eyes stay locked as he slid his cock relentlessly into her throbbing pussy.
Is this what you wanted?” he hissed through clenched teeth. Her breasts bounced as his long fingers continued to hold her hands back.
But her body? It was his.
A shiver ran through her while he breathed in the air she exhaled.
You’re not answering me, Isabella,” he growled. His vengeance was her payment for silence.
He pushed her onto the bed, the cold air hitting her wet folds causing her to gasp. Effortlessly, her legs are lifted onto his shoulders, with no intimate touching in between transitions. Remaining settled between her apex, she reveled at the length and thickness of his erection. She needed a moment to regain her bearings, but he was not a patient man.
Cradling his cock in her pussy, he rubbed it up and down. Once. Twice. Three times before she nearly lost her damn mind. His lust overdrove his desire to torture her, and on the last graze of him touching her swollen bud, he surged himself with one powerful stroke.
He muttered out a quiet ‘Fuck’ as they both gasped at the erotic sensations of being joined together once more. To her astonishment, he rocked them both slowly, pulling all the way out, before diving back in. His jaw tightened as he gazed down at her body, taking in every curve and peak.
 Her moans and spasms were only a mere validation that her orgasm was on the horizon. She reached down to rub her clitoris in a circle, only to have her hand slapped away.
His pupils darkened, furious that she would try to pleasure herself. That she would even consider it.
Am I not enough, Isabella? Do you want me to fuck you harder?
Not waiting for an answer, he pounded into her at earth shattering speeds. The voice that screamed out was not her own; it belonged to that of a woman who had lost her sense of dignity. She came without warning; the tightening in her midsection was immediately followed by his own release. The bed absorbed her weight as the woman collapsed, taking a second to breathe.
He started to sit next to her, but she stopped him with a wave of her hand, pulling the money out of her jeans. He knew how this game worked. She imitated the version of a helpless young girl during sex, but afterwards, she was back her demanding nature. She didn’t need for him to ‘hang out’ with her. She preferred to be fucked into an oblivious stupor without the intention to develop any relationship-type feelings.
“Here’s your five thousand dollars, Edward,” she spat harshly, passing his cash over.
“See you tomorrow,” she instructed, sauntering away to take a shower. Her naked rear was facing his dazed expression as she paused at the bathroom doorway. “And don’t forget, it will be Saturday, so you need to get retested again.”
You know I like my whores raw.”

Hope you enjoyed. More to come!