Pix for the Fics 2011

How to Fix a Pretty Boy

Chapter 1: Bella  Edward Jessica Angela Volturi Inc. Bella's Office
Chapter 2: Emmett Edward's Apt Edward's Ferrari Edward's Lamborghini Bella's Audi Bella's Penthouse
Chapter 3: Alice Bella's Suit Rosalie Tanya
Chapter 4: Emmett's Apt Emmett's Hummer Bella's Lingerie  Edward's Billboard
Chapter 5: Bella's Outfit Alice's Apt Alice's TV Edward's Suit Duckie PJ's
Chapter 6: Rosalie's Office  Alice's Neighbor Bella's PJ's
Chapter 7: Hospital Room Cell Phone Cover Bella's Outfit
Chapter 8: Bella's Outfit Papa Carlisle Mama Esme Nana Jasper Jacob
Chapter 9: The Ring
Chapter 10:   Alice's Outfit Bella's Outfit Bella's Outfit 2
Bella's Outfit 3 LV Luggage
Chapter 11: Irina Bella's Trench Coat Bella's Proposal The Ring
Chapter 12: The Diner Natalie/Nicole Emmett's Gym Ronert Addison Bourbon Bar
Chapter 13: Alice's Overalls Alice's Outfit Bella's Outfit Jessica's Outfit Tyler
Chapter 14: Alice's Office Bella's Outfit
Chapter 15: Bella's Forks Home Charlie Bree Seth
Chapter 16: Stephenie Alice's Obsession
Chapter 17: Jared Bella's Gown Jessica's Gown Alice's Dress Ballroom Gala
Chapter 18: Edward's Suit Emmett's Suit Rosalie's Dress Tanya's Dress
Chapter 19: Angela's Dress Twin's Dress Jessica's Shame
Chapter 20: Bella's Lingerie Edward n Bella Edward n Bella2 Edward n Bella3 Baby Beckham
Chapter 21: Bella's Nightie Alice n Bella Bella's Flashback Dress
Chapter 22: Alice's Wedding Gown Alice's Reception Dress Alice's Bouquet Alice's Heels
                   Bella's Wedding Gown Bella's Reception Dress Bella's Bouquet Bella's Heels
                   Edward's Tux Emmett's Tux Bridesmaid Dresses
                   Reception Decoration Wedding Cake Villa- Palazzo Hedone Sicily
                   Wedding Location Wedding Reception
Chapter 23 (Epilogue): Cullen Mansion  McCarty Mansion
                   Sophia Beckham Abigail Cole
Chapter 24 (Xtra): BSG (Blue Shirt Girl) Cookie XquisiteProdigy (XP)

Bella: Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur Store
Bella's Suit