Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Movin On Up


I just published a novel!

I'm famous! *runs around in circles swatting everyone with my book*

You can read a preview here: CreatespacePreview

Buy the book here: Amazon

Buy the Kindle version here: E Book 

See my author webpage here: londynkateauthor.snappages.com
(offering free signed posters Oct 8-15, 2012, see site for details)

See my Goodreads page here: Goodreads

Are you excited? Are you gonna go buy it? Will you at least rate it, or pimp me out?

*I'm not afraid to sell my soul for a few extra stars*

Read. Rate. Review.

And most of all, try not to pilfer anyone in the process. I doubt they'll let me bail anyone out with cookies.

That only works once.

xoxo, XP