Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Taking Over

So guess what?

C'mon you know you wanna know...

I made Fic of the Month for Past Her Prime!!!!

Ok, so there were five of us, but.... WHO DA FUCK CARES!!!

Here's AARPward is all of his glory:

And... JA Mash was kind enough to make me a freakin awesome banner for my new crack-fic, The Hungry Games! I know, right? Its hilariously sarcastic, and totally me!
So let's take a look-see:

But, I'm not done yet!

C'mon XP, there's more?

Ya damn skippy there is! I also have a new story, Forty Winks!

No, I can't possibly read anymore. What makes this one so special?

Glad you asked! This one is a "Pick Your Own Adventure" story! I write a few chapters, you pick the directions of the characters! So basically, nothing is pre-written until I tally up the reviews. Its a dark kidnapping story, but you totally own it.

Wow, that is cool! No one has ever done that before. Wait...is this just another way to get reviews?

Maybe. But I'm not confessing to anything!